Taste.com.au has the best recipes. This is usually my first port of call when I know what I want to make, or I know an ingredient. Their commenters are also really good. Their advice for improving recipes is usually spot on. Any recipe which is highly rated here will always be good. One of my nutrition lecturers is on their nutrition board.

BBC Good Food

I love their magazines. You can get them from any Al Fair. These magazines always have the most amazing recipes that you wouldn’t have thought of. They also contain a section on technique and one on cooking with kids. However, the recipes on their website can sometimes be a little off, so always check the comments. The site will also try to bounce you to the Middle East version (when accessing from here) which is not as good as the UK version, so always check where you are. My only nutritional concern with these magazines is that they do sometimes buy into diet fads like superfoods and alkalizing diets. Just ignore these.

There’s so much information around us with what seems to be contradicting opinions on what good food is. The main problem is that the people with the loudest voices are usually the people who know the least. The resources below are all from people who are reliable sources.


Thinking Nutrition

This is a blog written by one of my nutrition lecturers. He also had a facebook page with great comments on things in the news, other blogs, his own articles and so on. His posts are usually pretty funny while still being evidence based.

Dave Hargreaves

Dave Hargreaves is a sports nutritionist I follow on facebook. His information is really well founded and his posts are usually hilarious.

Zoe Nicholson

Zoe Nicholson is a dietitian in Australia. Her posts are always so funny and offer great perspective on food. With so much media focused on negative perspectives on food, it’s great to see posts on your Facebook newsfeed with such positive messages. She’s all about building a healthy relationship with food.

The Moderation Movement

This movement was started by Zoe Nicholson and Jodie Arnot. Their page states that their mission is to “counter all the hype and promote a healthy enjoyment of all food and encourage exercise for enjoyment, not punishment.” I always love seeing their posts on my newsfeed.

Better Health

This app is government run, meaning that the information is quite reliable. It’s a whole bunch of fact sheets on pretty much anything health related. It has advice on how to get kids to eat, how to loose weight in a healthy way, even how to deal with jet lag. This app is particularly great for checking up the facts when someone gives you advice you think might be a little off. This app is an Australian one so some of the information is not relevant for here, but most of it is universal.


This is a great recipe app. It lets you load recipes from websites or manually import them. You can also group recipes using tags. This really helps once you’ve built up a bit of a collection. Best of all, the app is FREE. Unfortunately though, it’s only available for Apple products.


I can never go into Seeb City Centre without popping into Lakeland. They have such a great range of products and their staff is always so friendly. They can be a bit pricey, but their products are high quality. Only once have I ever had a problem with something I bought here, but they replaced it right away and the replacement has been perfect.