If you read about the history of food (or in my case Food in History) you’ll see that up until recently it was all about finding a way to get access to food. For a long time our ancestors lives revolved around finding food sources, growing food, making food. As agriculture, storing methods, and cooking methods developed people began to be able to spend more time doing other things. Cities were built around food sources (more on that here). Peoples ability to travel was limited by the perishability of their food.

Now we have food at our fingertips. We have refrigerators, food being flown in from all over the world, food that is so full of preservatives that it can probably outlive us. In many parts of the world we have such excess of food that we’re throwing tonnes of it away. We choose to reject an apple because it’s not perfectly round or coloured the way we feel is most appealing. We dispose of food because the date stamped on the packaging says that it’s expired without even checking if it is. It seems like we got to a point with our access to food, then just kept going, to the detriment of our health and our land. Perhaps now is a good time to dial it back, to look at good practices in our past and combine it with what we know now and find a way to dig deep.

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