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I love this salsa. It's so fresh and perfect for summer. I actually normally don't like mango, but I love it here. The mango and onion play perfectly together.    

Relishes and chutneys are amazing condiments. I love this peach and onion relish for the play between the sweet peach and the sharp onion. It's great with cheese, in a sandwich, or as an accompaniment for meat. And it's surprisingly easy to make.

satay veggies

I love this satay with broccoli. The veggies can easily be switched to whatever veggies are available. You'll also want to increase or decrease the peanut butter, sweet chili, and soy sauce to your preference. Add 400g chicken if you like.  

I love this bread. It's so full of energy which is slowly released. If I have a sandwich an hour before going to the gym I have enough energy to go all out for the whole hour I'm there. Plus it tastes great! Kneading the dough takes a while, but set a timer and put on some music and it…

This is one of my most popular recipes. Every time I make it people ask for the recipe. And for good reason - it's really tasty. Once again, a recipe I got from BBC Good Food. As this spinach is wilted and incorporated so well into the dip, you can go for whatever spinach is cheapest.